What Are the 4 Types of Entrepreneur?

September 30, 2022


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What Are the 4 Types of Entrepreneur?

While each entrepreneur has unique personality traits, they share common characteristics too. These include being self-motivated, innovative, and adaptable. The goal is to help you identify your type before taking the entrepreneurial leap.

No two entrepreneurs are the same, but most can be classified into four categories or types. They are builders, opportunists, specialists, and innovators. The category you fall into will be based on your personality and what motivates you most.

1. Builder

A builder is a driven-by-passion entrepreneur who wants to build a company that’s bigger than themselves. Builders usually start their businesses because they aren’t happy with their current work environment and want to move on to their own.

They are usually early to the party, read a lot, listen to podcasts and work on side projects. As a builder, you want to be an owner of your business to maximize your profits. They tend to be idealists and dreamy about what they want their company to look like in the future and are often afraid of failure.

What Are the 4 Types of Entrepreneur?

Builders are usually very resourceful with how they get what they need. They may think outside the box when obtaining supplies or funds. Because they don’t want anyone else controlling their ideas, it’s more likely that building your own company will bring out the best in you because you’ll have complete control over all aspects of it.

Some builders can get deals and investments because they can talk and convince others of their ideas. I call this the “glow” because when you talk to them, you get a warm feeling from being with them.

They are usually very good at persuading others to see their point of view. However, if there are hiccups or problems along the way, it can be difficult for a builder to get past it as they tend to be more emotionally involved than the other entrepreneurs.

A builder is most suited for a company with several sectors or niches within that umbrella organization and does not fall into one specific industry. Builders should not look at starting a niche business but a company that is more in the general market.

2. Opportunist

An opportunist tends to see opportunities for growth before anyone else does. When starting their business, this entrepreneur tends to avoid being tied down by unnecessary costs or arrangements around overhead expense items.

They are also very goal-oriented and don’t let anything stop them from achieving their goals. They tend to be a little more risk-averse and unsure of themselves when starting up their own company. However, they can be very reliable in finding the best deals because they tend to rely on their gut feelings more than others.

Their main goal is to make money without considering how much risk it takes. This is how they can save money over time while still having a profitable business. An opportunist is a person who doesn’t become attached or too emotionally attached to people and things around them once they’re doing well financially.

They also tend to have good connections with people who have contacts that can help their business grow. They’re good at networking and connecting with others, making it easier for them to find the resources they need for their company.

3. Specialist

A specialist is an unorthodox entrepreneur who is good at getting things done for themselves. They are usually very self-motivated and can be very stubborn when getting their way.

Specialists are usually the type of person who thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to take risks. They need freedom of movement in the business because they like the idea of being able to move quickly around the business if required.

Specialists are usually very good at building employee morale and establishing a good culture for their company. Since they’re not tied down by anything, their relationships with their employees don’t go past work-related issues or business needs, making it easier for them to work with others on team projects.

A specialist should not look at starting a business that has a niche market. They usually do well in large businesses that focus less on one specific sector. This type of entrepreneur is ideal for more general roles and allows them to move around their company when necessary.

4. Innovator

An innovator is an outstanding entrepreneur at taking risks and making their business grow. They tend to be more prone to danger when starting up a business and can be overly aggressive in their work style.

This type of entrepreneur usually focuses on creating a company that’s very productive through rapid expansion or the use of explosive growth. This personality tends to have a lot of energy and enjoy working with others because it allows them to move around the business efficiently.

Innovators can seem uncaring in how they run their companies, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see how much passion they have for what they do. They can be very creative, which is usually a good attribute for new entrepreneurs because it gives them more business ideas.

If you’re an innovator, you will do better in businesses that are more focused on one specific niche market. Since this type of entrepreneur likes to take risks, they tend to focus better on one area than trying to branch out. This way, they won’t get muddled into having too many ideas and can concentrate on doing things differently from the rest of the competition.