Bridget Gigi Goddard Information

Client satisfaction is a top priority for both aspiring and current aestheticians. 

For internationally renowned medical aesthetic practice management and master injector training, Bridget Goddard, promoting the safest and best injection techniques is essential. With her vast experience in the industry, Bridget Goddard has developed a set of techniques that can greatly enhance client satisfaction.

What Does GMS Offer? 

GMS, or Goddard Medical Solutions, offers an array of services that are set to increase client satisfaction.

Services offered: 

  • Practice assessments
  • Revenue optimization
  •  Professional sales training
  • Customer retention education
  • Training using injectables

Bridget aims to pass on her own knowledge and experience to aspiring aestheticians…

And with a strong passion for education and patient safety it is no surprise that Goddard has become an internationally renowned master injector.

Providing Safe Techniques

When it comes to any form of medical practice, ensuring that both client and practitioner are safe is vital. Bridget Goddard promotes practicing safe techniques that help ensure both are well protected. Through carefully curated training manuals, Bridget has developed techniques based on years of experience that help to enhance aesthetic abilities in a safe manner that will lead to client satisfaction and therefore retention. 

Educating practitioners on proper techniques that will pave the way for a safe environment and enjoyable experience will go a long way in ensuring a steady clientele. Proper sterilization and hygiene practices, as well as precise injection techniques will help minimize any risk of complications. 

Understanding the importance of using high-quality products and adhering to strict protocols is of uppermost importance to Bridget. Reducing risks of complications such as infections or allergic reactions is a main point in Goddard’s training manuals.

Understanding Your Client 

Picture yourself, nervous, and new to aesthetic procedures… What could help make you more comfortable?

In the world of aesthetics, listening to your client helps to create a relationship that will continue to bring them back to visit you and your studio! 

Emphasis on the importance of communication with clients through taking time to understand their goals, concerns, and by setting realistic expectations that will help to guide the way for client satisfaction. Goddard practices these skills by actively listening and effectively communicating with her own clients.

In her own everyday life, Bridget practices these skills by actively listening and effectively communicating with her own clients. She prioritizes finding the best solution for each of her clients that not just meets their wishes but is the most cost efficient, while understanding that each situation and client will be unique.

Creating A Plan That Meets Their Wishes 

In addition to ensuring safety, Goddard emphasizes the importance of open and honest communication with clients. By taking the time to listen to their concerns, understand their goals, and setting realistic expectations, aestheticians can build trust and enhance client satisfaction. 

Bridget Goddard teaches her trainees the art of active listening, empathy, and effective communication techniques to establish strong client relationships.Goddard believes that by taking into account individual factors such as… 

  • Skin Type 
  • Medical History 
  • Individual Preferences 

When taking all of the previously stated factors into account, any aesthetician is able to create personalized treatment plans that are going to fulfill each client’s unique needs and wishes. Through effectively communicating with said client and taking into consideration previously discussed individual factors, aestheticians can deliver solutions that yield optimal results. 

For Example: 

If a client says that they would like to do botox, but wonder if it is possible to only do a smaller dosage so that they can have more facial expression, Goddard would most likely recommend baby botox rather than traditional. 

These practices do more than just deliver a solution that fits each clients wishes, it shows a strong level of commitment to client satisfaction. 

Continue To Grow And Learn 

Goddard in order to continue to produce client satisfaction, puts major emphasis on the importance of ongoing education. With over twenty plus years of experience, and certification on over 100 devices and injectables, Bridget Goddard continues to place emphasis on continuously updating her knowledge and skills to ensure that she can offer both clients and those she trains cutting-edge.

Seen on GMS Instagram, Goddard shares “5 Tips to become a successful injector,” highlighting the importance of “Continuing your aesthetic education at all ages and levels.” This tip stresses the ongoing need to keep learning. 

In the dynamic world of aesthetics, staying updated on the latest techniques and trends isn’t just helpful—it’s crucial. It’s what ensures you deliver top-notch results to your clients and keeps them happy with your services.

Continuously engaging in aesthetic education throughout your career demonstrates your dedication to your profession and your commitment to providing exceptional care to your clients. It shows that you are constantly striving to improve your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field, highlighting your ongoing passion for excellence.

Participating in workshops, seminars, and conferences, as well as delving into pertinent literature and enrolling in online courses, represent commendable avenues for advancing your aesthetic education. These platforms afford you the opportunity to glean insights from industry leaders, forge connections with peers, and stay abreast of the latest trends and methodologies. 

However, these forms often lack personal touch, can be overwhelming to navigate and be especially difficult to fit into a busy schedule… but this is why Bridget’s GMS Consulting is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge at your own pace! 

An easy way to start is by reaching out to GMS today!

Continuous education not only serves the interests of your clients but also enriches your professional journey. It broadens your understanding, bolsters your confidence, and fosters innovative approaches in your practice. By keeping abreast of developments, you can present clients with diverse options and personalized treatments tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

The beauty industry evolves incessantly, yet a strong passion for growth can cultivate an expanding clientele and nurture enduring client relationships, ensuring their return. So… if you are serious about growing your knowledge and clientele do not hesitate to contact Bridget’s team

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